Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note:

Most of the streaming hosts uses Flash Player. Some streams may not support mobile devices.

How to:

Watch Streams

  1. Scroll down and look for these stream servers: ss_stream
  2. It's selected by default. If it's not, go ahead and click it.
  3. Then click one of these: ss_links
  4. Wait for the video to load.
  5. Anything resembles a close button inside the video appears, hit it.
  6. A popup window appears, close it. God damn annoying ads.
  7. Hit play button somewhere in there.
  8. Enjoy.

Download Videos

  1. Scroll down and look for this: ss_downloads
  2. Click that.
  3. Then click one of these file servers: ss_servers
  4. You're now leaving Cinezen, to one of them filehosts. We don't own them.
  5. Filehosts has their own way of making things complicated. So here we go. Look for thse buttons. Usercloud: usercloud_dl_button Tusfiles: tusfiles_dl_button Dev-Host: d-s_dl_button or you can [Watch this Video] to see just how to do that.

Search Movies

Use the search field, top right of the page. Search by movie title.

Request Movies

Requesting Rules!!!
  • Make sure you haved used the search feature before making any requests.
  • Include title of the movie that you are requesting. (Year and other info would be useful too.
  • Include IMDB link of the movie. (Go to search your movie, then copy the IMDB link.)
  • Make only 1 thread for movie series requests. Do not make a separate thread for movies with part 1, part 2, and so on.
Now go [here]: Forum/Movie Request and make a request.
Oopps... something came up. brb. Or watch one of these outdated videos (they're still good though) if you still have no idea whatsoever. How to Watch Movies How to Download Movies